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Welcome to Art

Art offers a diverse curriculum and is committed to providing all learners the opportunity to succeed. The faculty is fortunate in being able to provide a wide range of specialisms including Fine Art, Fashion, Textiles, Photography, Graphic Design and 3D sculpture. Learning from the wealth of experience their teachers offer, all students have chance to maximise their creativity and individuality.

You can find examples of student work by clicking here.

Year 7

We offer an introduction to the basic skills and formal
elements of Art & Design. Students will gain a strong understanding of
colour theory and tonal drawing. Each student will be given a sketch book and a
homework sketch book to extend their own development. Students will be able to
also take part in after school Art clubs to develop their skills.

Year 8

Students will explore their knowledge of basic skills and experiment with more 3D projects and clay projects. More choice in the curriculum will encourage students to take more responsibility for their own learning.

Year 9

Art and Design becomes a GCSE option in Year 9. Those choosing it will cover a wide range of subjects within the Art & Design umbrella: these include Fine Art, Graphic Design, Fashion, Textiles, Photography and 3D sculpture. During this year, students will begin to identify their individual strengths prior to making a final, specialised choice in one of the above subjects in Year 10 through to Year 11.

Years 10 & 11

Having made their choices, students will follow a specialised course either to GCSE or BTEC level depending on the specialism. The department offers the latest, industry standard equipment and facilities through access to the Studio school. Students are encouraged to be as creative as possible while gaining experience in their understanding of the exam structure. Home learning is encouraged and the Department runs an open -access policy for those wishing to work on projects in their own time.


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About the NLC

NLC consists of four schools, covering a full range of ability from 3 - 19 years. Each school has its own distinctive ethos and identity but all share the common goal of catering to the specific needs of each student.