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SEND and Additional Needs

School Aims

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At Netherhall Learning Campus High School, we have a team of dedicated staff who support pupils that have a learning difficulty that calls for special educational provision to be made for them. We stand by our ethos of  ‘Success for All’ and believe that having a learning difficulty should not hinder your opportunities in life.

Our local offer is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to reflect the changing needs of the children who join and are developing in our Campus. Part of this review process will involve contributions for parents and carers. For further information on the Kirklees Local Offer, visit:


For more details on how we identify and then support students with additional needs, please read this FAQ document.

Parent Quotes:

“My son has been challenged and this has enabled him to maximise his potential” – June 2014

“My son’s challenges are appropriate for him where he receives great support; we are very pleased with our choice of Netherhall Learning Campus”  - June 2014

At Netherhall Learning Campus we follow the new Code of Practice, September 2014, adhering to the Children’s Act 2014.

All staff are involved in the whole school graduated approach to SEND support by:

· Providing a stimulating, caring environment, where students feel happy, confident and enthusiastic about learning.

· Delivering a broad and balanced curriculum, which promotes fully inclusive teaching and learning and to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all.

· Developing positive attitudes to learning and high standards of behaviour for learning where everyone is valued respected and treated equally.

· Working closely with parents/carers and the community, communicating clearly with them whenever possible, to enhance the attainment and personal development of students.

· Developing all students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, building on our school ethos and extending the students’ knowledge and understanding of other faiths and cultures.

Any intervention and support in place is implemented following the SEND Code of Practice approach:

Assess – Plan – Do – Review

This four stage approach is embedded as part of our whole school additional needs pathway.

Our interventions include:

· Dyslexia Support, incorporating Toe by Toe, Dyslexikit

· Dyspraxia Support

· Social Skills Development

· Speech, Language and Communication Intervention

· Literacy Support, including paired and group reading

· Numeracy Support

· Reading Matters

· Social, Emotional and Mental Health support.

The interventions take a variety of forms from one to one, to small group work, to external agency involvement, where appropriate.

These are some of the external agencies we work with at Netherhall Learning Campus:

· Educational Psychology

· Health

· Behavioural Support Services

· Hearing and Visual Impairment

· Social Services

· Pupil Referral Services

· Kirklees Specialist Provision and Outreach


· Parent Partnerships

· Targeted Youth Support

Parents are an integral part of the school’s graduated approach and are fully involved at every stage. We believe any child’s education should be a partnership between parents and teachers.

Some students will require extra help to access the curriculum and achieve their potential. The school has a dedicated team of support staff in school who support pupils in a number of different ways. Staff liaise with other schools to ensure continuity of provision and, where appropriate, provide extra support tailored and personalised to the specific needs of the individual.

A high level of support is provided in lessons but additional input is also available through our inclusion provision, The HUB@NLC,  where targeted intervention packages are put in place for more vulnerable students, in a calm and supportive environment, promoting our ethos “Success for all”.

The HUB (Helping, Understanding and Building) is staffed by a team of inclusion workers. The HUB team work with pupils from KS3, KS4 and also through Yr6/7 transition.

Strong working links are maintained with the SEN manager and Learning Mentors. The HUB@NLC works with pupils who require additional support to access areas of the curriculum.

The reasons for these difficulties are broad and varied, ranging from school phobias through to behavioral problems and issues with specific curriculum areas.

The HUB tailors its approach to the needs of the child but emphasises the need to keep the child engaged with the appropriate curriculum.

Very occasionally, children study exclusively within the HUB. Some can use it as an agreed ‘time-out’ facility.

Pupils receive intensive help and support on pre-arranged placements where mainstream school and the HUB work closely together.

Useful Links for Parents and Students

Sept 2014 Code of Practice

Children’s Act 2014

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, a Guide for Parents and Carers

NLC SEND School policy

Types of Learning Disabilities

Understanding ADHD

Video – Inside the Dyslexic Brain


If you require any additional information, you can visit the NLC local offer on our website or contact:

Miss Suzy Mattock (Assistant Head)
SENCO (Special educational needs co-ordinator)
Designated Safeguarding Lead
01484 382140


Netherhall High School
Netherhall Avenue,

Tel: 01484 382140 
Email info@nlconline.org.uk

Named contact for queries: Joanne Ainley ainleyj@nlconline.org.uk

NLC's Complaints Policy can be found here.

About the NLC

NLC consists of four schools, covering a full range of ability from 3 - 19 years. Each school has its own distinctive ethos and identity but all share the common goal of catering to the specific needs of each student.