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Celebrating Black History Month

During our celebrations for Black History Month, Calendar News visited NLC High school and the the Studio School to find out more.

KS3 Workshops

KS3 students were given the opportunity to work with real life puppet artist (Amy Hirst), Janet Marks (fashion designer) and karen (costume designer). Over the one day workshop students worked on creating their own black hero inspired puppets. KS3 students puppets were then exhibited at the Huddersfield Town Hall on the 4th October and Bryram Arcade on the 17th October.

Kirklees Black History Month

Kicked off to a swing start at Huddersfield Town Hall. And to celebrate the Black History Trail Blazers project, at Netherhall Learning Campus, there was a show of black hero inspired puppets made by students from North Huddersfield Academy and Netherhall Learning Campus, led by puppet artist Amy Hirst.


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