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A Word From NLC

Welcome to our school,

The transition from primary school to secondary school is a very important stage in the life of your child and we want you to feel comfortable with the way that the Netherhall Learning Campus works and with the values that it represents.

If we are going to work together successfully it is essential that you have confidence in the school you have chosen to have the best interests of your child at the forefront of our priorities. This is why our motto of ‘Success for All’ is not just found on the posters but it also underpins the school values, ethos and curriculum.

Every student at Netherhall has an entitlement to progress. The key to the success of our students is through the very best teaching, learning and support.

It is important that you as parents support the school in what it is trying to do. We want all the children at Netherhall to grow into confident, caring and well-educated adults and this will require parents and teachers to work together as a unit. We want you to send your children to us ready and equipped for work and ambitious for success and we in turn will do our very best to ensure that they reach their academic potential. We believe that students do not achieve in isolation and their success is promoted through effective and proactive partnerships with families. Students will know their own targets, current attainment and how to improve. This is shared and discussed with parents/carers so we can work together to ensure success.

The curriculum in the first years at Netherhall is designed to give a broad understanding but also to develop and nurture critical learning skills that are vital throughout life. The subsequent range of qualifications and the individual pathways through Key Stage 4 ensure students achieve or exceed their potential and provide the best springboard into Post 16 studies.

The range and type of qualifications available is constantly changing and we will always select the most appropriate courses and qualifications that enable our students to succeed.


Netherhall High School
Netherhall Avenue,

Tel: 01484 382140 
Email info@nlconline.org.uk

Named contact for queries: Joanne Ainley ainleyj@nlconline.org.uk

NLC's Complaints Policy can be found here.

About the NLC

NLC consists of four schools, covering a full range of ability from 3 - 19 years. Each school has its own distinctive ethos and identity but all share the common goal of catering to the specific needs of each student.