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Positive Behaviour

At NLC Junior School we are committed to ensuring that our school environment is safe, secure and focused on learning. We value all our children and treat everyone in our school community with respect, to promote their safety and wellbeing.

Our Core Values underpin everything we do, and our school rules are simple and clear. We maintain a positive approach to discipline; we strive to be fair and consistent and keep parents and carers informed.

In every classroom there is a zone system display with our 5 zones of gold, green, grey, orange and red. The criteria for each zone are set out in our code of conduct. (This is produced in two forms, one for parents and carers and one for children. Both copies are sent home and can be downloaded below).

We aim to motivate pupils to be kind and succeed in all areas of school life through specific praise, individual class marble systems, a collectible house system, star of the week and half term achiever certificates. A lovely feature of Friday mornings is our Celebration Assembly, where we share progress and successes with the whole school and the parents of our star pupils.

Here are our key documents regarding behaviour:

Code of Conduct Zones Leaflet

Core Values Poster


You can find our Junior School Behaviour Policy on Our Policies and Procedure Page.


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About the NLC

Netherhall Learning Campus consists of four schools, covering the full age and ability range from 3 – 19 years, each with its own distinctive ethos; each with its own individual identity and each catering to the specific needs of its students.

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