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Introduction from the Head of School

Hello and on behalf of all the staff and pupils at our school let me say welcome to our website.

I am very proud to lead the Netherhall Learning Campus Junior School. I believe that every member of our school should be given opportunities to learn and succeed as individuals. At the Junior School we are part of a family of staff who are dedicated to providing a creative and inspirational learning environment; this is key to ensuring all of our pupils are safe, happy and nurtured.

From being 6 years old I only ever wanted to be a teacher (or a pirate) and I consider myself lucky to be part of this school and work in such a caring and passionate campus. The successes we achieve as a school will reflect the patience, hard work and dedication of the committed staff.

Please do not hesitate to contact me in the main school office if you wish to visit our Campus and discover what else we have to offer.

I look forward to meeting you.


Zoe Lowe

 Head of School


Rawthorpe Lane

Tel: 01484 300080
Fax: 01484 300080

About the NLC

Netherhall Learning Campus consists of four schools, covering the full age and ability range from 3 – 19 years, each with its own distinctive ethos; each with its own individual identity and each catering to the specific needs of its students.

Introduction from the Head OF SCHOOL

Hello and welcome to our school website. We hope you like it and find everything you need.



Zoe Lowe

Head of School



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