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Learning Mentors

We have a very successful, dedicated and inspirational team of learning mentors at Netherhall Learning Campus who facilitate learning for our pupils on a daily basis. Please do not hesitate to contact them via the main school office if you have any concerns.


Hi, my name is Elaine Clarke and I am the Learning Mentor for the Junior School. I am married and have 2 lovely daughters. I have worked on this campus for over 16 years, primarily in my role as a teaching assistant so I'm sure I am a familiar face to many of you. I grew up in Dalton and attended these schools in my childhood, as did my children. I am proud to work on a campus that has visions for the future and whose results are improving every year. This shows how dedicated all the staff are to the pupil's learning and what a great team we have across the campus. I have a few new ideas to bring to my new post, so keep your eyes and ears open!! 


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About the NLC

Netherhall Learning Campus consists of four schools, covering the full age and ability range from 3 – 19 years, each with its own distinctive ethos; each with its own individual identity and each catering to the specific needs of its students.

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