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At Netherhall Learning Campus Junior School, we believe that the ability to communicate effectively is essential in all aspects of life. With that in mind, we ensure that our Literacy lessons are rich with reading, writing, speaking and listening opportunities.

Children are encouraged to explore ideas and experiment with language indepedently and collaboratively. In addition, we feel it is important that our children apply these skills daily so we ensure that all children are given the opportunity to write and read at length in all subject areas outside of Literacy.


At the Junior School, we build upon the work of our colleagues at the Infant School. We encourage children to develop a style and tone to their writing and to be able to change they way they write for different audiences and purposes. Children are also taught grammar skills within Literacy sessions to help give them a greater understanding of how the language works. We believe that by doing this, we are empowering children to write for purpose.


Reading is a major focus at the Junior School. We have developed many ways to encourage reluctant readers to discover the enjoyment that comes with reading a good book. We have a major resource in our library and we also enlist the support of the local Library Service who work closely with us to help foster a love of reading.

Speaking and Listening:

All of our children are given the opportunity to speak and present arguments and ideas within Literacy sessions and beyond. They are also taught how to listen and interpret what they have heard so that they can make sense of it and respond. Drama and role play is used in every year group to encourage empathy and performance skills.

Please click on the link below to find out more detail regarding our Literacy long term overview.

Long Term Overview - Literacy (pdf)


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